Get Married


To get married, is every girl’s dream.. Especially for Eastern girls where they have been looking to their mother (and somehow, realize how great job a Mom can do)..

In about 1940’s, Indonesian girls used to got married at 14 to 16 years old (at least that’s what my grand ma said).. Girl who got married at 17 had been said late for married.. Due to got married in a very young age, most parents at that time have more than just one-or-two children (that’s why the density of people in this country increase rapidly so then the government made a new policy : called family planning)..

So, by the time, there was a cultural shift about married.. In 1980’s girl used to get married at over 25 years old.. There was a mind-set about getting job before married.. And by the success they had reached, married had ‘almost’ being forgotten by half of them..

Whereas, back to the girl’s nature, it was very noble to became a Real Mom.. Real here means a Mom not only a person who gave a birth to her child but also someone who raise, nurture, and educate her child.. Because there isn’t someone else better to be a teacher for a child but her/his own mother..

Believe it.. Children who raised up by the up-bringing of his/her own mother (who has an endless love for her children) will become smarter, wiser, and better attitude than children who raised up without affection from his/her parents (especially mother).. But instead of all of it, children must have a huge love for their parents (especially mother, just like our Prophet said that mother rights for threefold-love from her children) who had raised them up with love, and that love between children and parents would never been erased by the time.. :-)

Now, there’s a new culture shift that girls should get married before the age of 25.. Moreover, recently there’s a lot of girls who would like to get married at 20-23.. I think that’s good.. Regardless of whether they have worked or not when they got married, I think (and I hope they have the same thought) they got to have more time for their family.. It will be better if they have enough time for their family but in the other side they have a good career too (that would be very very exhausting, but that’s not impossible since women are the strongest creature ^^).. But if it doesn’t work that way, I guess they can try to have another career which can be done without spending lots of time outside, to be an entrepreneur for example (because women are creative ^^)..

But, finally, everything’s back to our own heart, our own principle, our own decision.. ^^

What about me?

Hmmm.. I want to be successful in both family and career.. But I don’t know, no one knows.. At least for now, I will try.. ^^


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