In The Middle Of The Night..

This digital clock on my phone is showing 12.58 am in the morning.. Still, I can’t sleep..

After getting tired by catching artificial dragonflies on my phone, I just lied down.. I’m running out something to do..

Can anyone show me where to buy some sleepy sensation? It’s a damn nice gift really, you will know only when you can’t feel it.. (so, be thankful if you are sleepy in the right time & don’t force your self to awake)..

So, in case I’ve got no idea what to do, I started to go online..

I don’t know what I was thinking, I started to type some names from my past.. My friend when I was in the kindergarten.. I even typed a name of friend when I was about 3 years old! God, I don’t even know their full names! In fact, I’m not even sure whether to type the name “reni” or “reny”.. Typing a very common nick name in a world-wide social media, and by the chance one in a million I was hoping to find someone from my past.. Isn’t that insane?

I don’t know.. I couldn’t even think, maybe.. But somehow I think, this kind of silence situation in the night often brings a different feeling.. And this night, it brought me to my past.. Feels strange..

I miss those sweet memories.. I miss those people.. God, slow the time down, please?


One thought on “In The Middle Of The Night..

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