A Moment..

Today, I’m not feeling so good.. Well, maybe not only this day.. But, I don’t know.. I’ve got a headache.. Heartache too maybe.. They’re killing me!

So in this midday, in a lunch break time, I went out my office-room.. Going nowhere.. Just standing at the 3rd floor’s balcony..

Purposely do nothing.. Just staring at the sky.. Having my head hot after all these time being chilled down by AC was really something.. Such the nicest midday’s sunlight in my life.. Enjoyable..

Then I found something.. That was the time I was taking a few minutes break, with no friends, with no phone ring, nothing to think, there’s just only me and my shadow.. Looking down, watching people passing me by (without actually knowing that there has been me standing up there).. They’re just too busy to realize and to enjoy some kind of the moment I had..

Sometimes, we need to have a lonely-time.. I guess.. To take a break.. To breathe.. To look around.. To realize how beautiful a moment can be.. And how precious the life we have..



5 thoughts on “A Moment..

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