Lately, I like to have a conversation with my self, in English.. In fact, not only in English but also in Japanese and sometimes French too.. On my way home, on my way to the office, in the bathroom, in front of the mirror, anytime..

What to be spoken? Many things.. Sometimes, speaking about anything we’re seeing.. We? Oh yes! We here, refers to me and the other me.. A conversation needs two persons, right? I often speak to my other self, giving advice, or try to convince my self about something I was doubt..

When I was at school, I used to have a friend or two, to make a conversation with.. But yet, school’s over.. Now that I’ve grown older, I’m now facing a little bit more individual life.. There ain’t friend to whom I could really talk in foreign language, both in capability side and desire..

Lack of friends to talk to, causes less practice.. The less of practice, decreases more ability of something, especially in learning languages..

Am I weird? Well, maybe.. But I hope not too much.. : )


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