A Framed Photograph..

It was your 25th birthday, I gave you a special gift.. Not a book you’d love to read, not a wallet with a space for you to place my photo.. It was a framed photo of us.. A moment I forced to be in the middle of your business with your family and friends, on your graduation day..

That 25th birthday were gifted by God with your graduation, finally after struggling for about five years.. It was only four days away from that graduation day to your birthday.. After picking the best photo (there were only three or four photos in total since you were in a hurry, and they weren’t so good so it was like maxi-min) I worked quite hard to do such editing on that photo to catch the next process : printing.. I wanted everything good in detail, so I worked carefully blurring that random background of other graduaters’ activity..

I expected what would your face be, the day I finally met you to give that wrapped box, though I could almost bet it :-D And I was right, you were annoyed.. You were like “What would I do with this? Where did I have to hide this?”

Yeah, you’re not a person who like to show off.. And you were a quite shy person too.. Although it had been about 2 years, members of your family hadn’t met me, yet.. I knew you were not gonna put the gift in the right place.. Later when I asked you about that gift, you told me you hid it between your books, and I laughed thinking about that.. Later on, that photo was found by your sister.. LOL :-D

Now that we were already married to each other for two years.. No need to hide me no more.. Today, I find out this display picture of your messenger account.. You took the picture of our framed photo which laid on our livingroom’s table, and made it as your display picture since yesterday.. Yes, that same framed photo I gave you five years ago.. How time flies? :-)

you and me

We’ve been through both good and bad times, they will do nothing but strengthen this bond between you and me.. You were there with me from the beginning, from the time I was nothing untill I’ve been what I am now.. And I’m blessed with it.. Thank you for everything.. :-)

Happy 2nd anniversary..

[Nov Sabatini]


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