Just For Another Day (OST. Blusukan Jakarta) Chord..

Singer : Indri Satria Putri

D                  A         F#m                            G
Folks of children running around the street..
D                                 A        F#m                     G
There are mothers who never learned how to love the gift..
D                    A         F#m                      G
There are many hungry men begging for symphaty..
         D                                      A    F#m                           G
But there are mothers who’d sell their soul to keep their child alive..

Em                    B7/D#
but they’re crying, fighting, trying to stay alive, trying to feed their life..
Em                             G                             A
And they’re breaking, dying, it’s all in front of us can’t we see?

D  F#m             Bm  G
They’re down on their knees..
D  F#m             Bm  G
And their eyes are filled with tears..
       D                          F#m
Can’t you hear them as they pray..
Bm                G           Em        A
They said father let me stay alive.. Ooooh..
D    C#/A   Bm    A
Just for another day..
D    C#/A   Bm    G    A
Just for another day..

D                          A             F#m                        G
Scattered hopeful voice and eyes begging to close..
D                              A               F#m                       G
They are trying to make some noise that let them off the ghost..

F       G          Am
There’s that one love that we gotta give it all up to them..

F       G           Am                                     Bb   A   G   F   A
One love that we gotta give it up now..



Seti (gitar) – Nophex (horahore) – Ucup (bass)

Chord by : Setiawan i0307067
Tengkyu Set, pan-kapan manggung lagi kita yak! (kapan……?)

Nb. Kalau salah liriknya boleh dikoreksi, soalnya saya ngasal.. heheh..

[Nov Sabatini]


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