I’ve Seen It All

I used to fit my self into my mom’s dresses or shoes when I was kid. I used to make my face up using her lipsticks. I wondered how it feels to be an adult. Coz they looked happy and free.

But then I find out now that growing up is kinda sucks.

I wanted to be an architect. I wanted to be a singer. I wanted to be a doctor. I wanted to be president. Yet, none of them ever come true. I feel that I am nothing, most of the time. I couldn’t even express my self out. Sometimes, I couldn’t understand my self either.

You have been tried. You have been failed. You cried. You laugh. You were sick, then got better again. You have been to places. You fell in love. Your heart broke. You go to school. You made some friends. You worked, earned money. You bought things. You marry. You cooked. You ate various of food, and beverages. You have experienced things.

So now I am asking, “what makes you want to stay alive?

Coz I think I am running out of reasons. All of sudden. State of mind this morning.

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