You And I..

>                             kupuku                                                     pukupu
>                    kupu             kupu                                  kupu              kupu
>            kupu                              ku                          pu                               kupu
>        ku                                            pu                  ku                                           pu
>      ku                                                 pu            ku                                                 pu
>     ku                                                     pu       ku                                                     pu
>      ku                                                       pu  ku                                                      pu
>         ku                                                     puku                                                     pu
>            ku                                                    pu                                                      ku
>               kupu                                                                                               kupu
>                    kupu                                                                                      kupu
>                kupu                                                                                              kupu
>             ku                                                   pu                                                     ku
>              ku                                              pu   ku                                               pu
>                ku                                           pu     ku                                            pu
>                    ku                                    pu           ku                                     pu
>                        ku                           pu                    ku                            pu
>                            kupu         kupu                            kupu         kupu
>                                   kupuku                                           kupuku


You and I..
You are far away there, opposite my side.. But we’re actually close to each other..

You and I..
Two unique personalities.. Two ideas.. Two lives.. Two pasts..
But I found the reflection of my self, in you..

Because it represents two different sides that mirroring each other..
You and I.. One future.. Us.. :-)